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"Les companyies dels EUA dedicades al carbó són les que més van pujar a la borsa el dia que va guanyar Trump"

Xavier Mena, catedràtic d'Economia d'Esade
Francesx Xavier Mena

In English

In English Aida Corón / Translation Neil Stokes Barcelona 24|03|2017
Schools and universities need to change their educational model to include technology as a vehicle for developing a vocation among young people and to prepare them for the job market
In English Aida Corón / Translation: Neil Stokes Barcelona 21|03|2017
The Valencian platform promotes the figure of co-creator, a profile of user that interacts and complements the content consumed
In English Marta Vergoñós / Translation Neil Stokes Cornellà de Llobregat 21|03|2017
The businesswoman Bisila Bokoko acts as an ambassador for Spanish companies that want to cross the Atlantic
In English PJ Armengou / Translation Neil Stokes Barcelona 20|03|2017
The marriage between the two industries works well but is not without obstacles such as a lack of funding or the poor use of digital tools
In English Marta Vergoñós / Translation: Neil Stokes Barcelona 16|03|2017
A Catalan company is to improve the "road of death" in Bolivia, an example of how worldwide government procurement (WGP) continues to grow
In English Aida Corón / Translation: Neil Stokes Barcelona 14|03|2017
The application measures the working climate of companies and proposes improvements to raise productivity and getter better results from the business
In English Pau Garcia Fuster Barcelona 13|03|2017
The founder of Hoy Voy argues that keeping almost 100% of the vehicles in use is one of the keys to five years of sustained growth
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