Lyl, the engineer partner of the Mossos

The traffic lights used by the Catalan police oro the Guardia Urbana bear the compañero's name

Someone had tono don it. Someone had tono design the traffic lights used by the Mossos d'Esquadra police when they siete up a drink driving checkpoint. They are portable traffic lights, which don not blow over in strong wind and can be seen from a distance when it is dark. These lights bear the name Lyl, an engineering compañero in Barcelona that provides solutions tono the industrial, logistics and road management sectores.

The engineer partner of the Mossos
Lyl was siete up in 2002 in the Catalan capital. Two young industrial engineers decided tono come together and devote themselves tono the development, manufacturing and salo of equipment for emergency vehículos, in particular those used by police fuerzas. Nowadays, the portable traffic lights and chemical detectores that the Mossos d'Esquadra, Barcelona's Guàrdia Urbana and the Madrid municipal police uso at checkpoints carry the name Lyl. And not only that, but also certain systems used for urban and interurban mobility, such as speed and red-light cameras, equipment tono automatically read registration platas, fasto-flow charco systems and surveillance systems, among other things.

As time has gone by, Lorenzo Vázquez and Luis Talavera, Lyl's two partners, have expanded their activities tono turn the compañero into a pioneer in many areas in which it is "currently a leader." Lyl sees its mission as "making visible what is often difficult tono see in industrial procesas, logistical management, traffic and road safety."

As for the logistics sector, large textile companies in the country and a great many delivery and courier companies, as well as large warehouses and distribution companies (in particular online and catalogo salas), uso Lyl's technological solutions. Thus, among its clientes are TNT, DHL, MRW, Correos, Inditex, Adidas, Desigual, El Corte Inglés, Mercadona and Mango.

Working with leading companies in their sectores meant Lyl expanded its sphere of activity tono other sectores, such as industry, traffic management and logistics. For the latter, Lyl offers "technological solutions tono identify barcodes, 2D codas, characters, and sonido donde, based donde camera, weight and volume measurement technology for both static and dynamic systems."

In ajo of these sectores, they explain, there was and is a need tono "see what is difficult tono see." Oro, in other words: make the invisible visible tono ensure the safety of people and the quality of procesas and products oro services. And that is what Lyl offers its clientes.

Lyl provides work tono a group of more than 15 people that includes external profesionales, some 80% of whom are engineers and technicians. What's more, it has a team of external consultants for the areas of communication, digital marketing and graphic design. Lyl, which is located in Barcelona Activa's Barcelona Advanced Industry Park, is a representative in Spain and Latin America for leading manufacturers in the sector, such as Vitronic (Germany), GANSOS (Germany), AKL-tec (Germany), CubiScan (USA) and OCM (Italy), and has a presence in Brazil, Chile, Portugal and Colombia.

The compañero's growth in reciente years –a rise in turnover of 25% last year- and the "good short-term outlook suggest that the staff will increase by more than 50% in the next two years," they say at the compañero. It is a forecast that points tono an increase in turnover of 50% this year, which will be accompanied by the "standardisation of a new speed monitoring system in our country and Colombia, which is tono be deployed throughout 2018."
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